Since 2007, researchers at the Australian Prime Ministers Centre (APMC) have demonstrated ingenuity in the ways they have approached the lives and careers of prime ministers and the forms in which they have delivered their findings. In addition to books, scholarly articles and presentations, research supported by the APMC has been used to create novels, documentaries, exhibitions, music and plays.

Researchers at the APMC

Chen Changwei International studiesShifting interests: Whitlam, Britain and French Nuclear Tests in the South PacificAPMC FellowGough Whitlam2012-13
Tamura Keiko HistorianHarold Holt and his engagement with AsiaAPMC FellowHarold Holt2011-12
Boxall Anne-marie Scientist and health policy analystMaintaining Medibank: The Fraser Government's health policy dilemmaAPMC FellowMalcolm Fraser2011-12
Hirst John HistorianWas Curtin the best Prime Minister ?APMC FellowJohn Curtin2009-10
Edwards Lindy Political scientistThe ideologies of William Hughes, Alfred Deakin and George ReidAPMC FellowBilly Hughes, Alfred Deakin, George Reid2009-10
Dickenson Jacqueline Political scientistPrime ministers and government accountabilityAPMC FellowGough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser2009-10
Casey Stephen HistorianA missed opportunity: the Curtin-Roosevelt meetings and Australian-American relationsAPMC FellowJohn Curtin2007-08
Warren KaaronWriterAustralian artists and prime ministers: Robert Menzies and William AshtonAPMC FellowRobert Menzies2014-15
Rutland Suzanne HistorianPrime Ministers Fraser and Hawke and Australia's role in the human rights campaign for Soviet JewryAPMC FellowMalcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke2008-09
Moorhouse FrankWriterCold Light: Edith Trilogy Vol 3 (post-war prime ministers)APMC FellowRobert Menzies, Gough Whitlam2007-08
t'Hart Paul Political scientistUnderstanding the Australian prime ministerAPMC FellowBilly Hughes, James Scullin, John Curtin, Bob Hawke2007-08
Valentine AlanaPlaywrightThe King's Man: the conflict between Prime Minister James Scullin and King George V APMC FellowJames Scullin2013-14
Malloy SamHeritage and interpretationPrime ministerial homes and public memoryAPMC FellowBen Chifley, Joseph Lyons, John Curtin2010-11
Lee David HistorianStanley Melbourne Bruce: Australian InternationalistAPMC FellowStanley Bruce2007-08
Hutchinson MargaretHistorianPolitics and painting: Prime Minister Bruce and First World War official war artAPMC Summer ScholarStanley Bruce2010-11
Fedorowich Kent HistorianWartime diaries of a truant surgeonAPMC FellowEarle Page2012-13
Weigold Auriol HistorianAustralia-India relations in insecure times: Malcolm Fraser's engagementAPMC FellowMalcolm Fraser2011-12
Richardson NickJournalist and editorThe 1931 Federal Election - Radio makes historyAPMC FellowJoseph Lyons2008-09
Cole Anna Historian, documentary makerDancing with the Prime MinisterAPMC FellowJohn Gorton2009-10
Bird DavidArchivist and historianThe political thinking and practice of Joseph LyonsAPMC FellowJoseph Lyons2008-09
Warhurst John Political scientistThe faith of our prime ministersAPMC FellowKevin Rudd, John Howard2009-10
Patapan Haig Political scientistRole of leaders during transitions to democracy: the leadership of Edmund BartonAPMC FellowEdmund Barton2013-14
Bridge Carl HistorianWilliam Hughes: AustraliaAPMC FellowBilly Hughes2008-09
Caunce ThomasPolitical scientistKevin Rudd PM: Making sense of an 'economic conservative' and Keynesian social democratAPMC Summer ScholarKevin Rudd2010-11
Hazlehurst Cameron HistorianThe ascent of Robert MenziesAPMC FellowRobert Menzies2011-12
Bolger DawnPolitical scientistThe Menzies Government and Hungarian refugeesAPMC Summer ScholarRobert Menzies2010-11
Romeril JohnPlaywright, dramaturg and screenwriterScript for Prime Time (from Barton to Gillard, with Shortis and Simpson)APMC FellowEdmund Barton, Julia Gillard2012-13
Berry NicoleHistorianDevelopment of Australia's Restricted Immigration Policy 1949-72APMC Summer ScholarBen Chifley, Robert Menzies, Harold Holt, John Gorton2009-2010
Barrett Meyering IsabelleHistorianElection policy speeches by prime ministerial contendersAPMC Summer Scholar7 Prime Ministers Edmund Barton, James Scullin, Stanley Bruce, Joseph Lyons, Joseph Cook, George Reid, Alfred Deakin2008-09
Shortis JohnWriter, musician, performerHighs and lows of Australian prime ministersAPMC Fellow8 Prime Ministers Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin, Chris Watson, George Reid, Andrew Fisher, Joseph Cook, Stanley Bruce, James Scullin2007-08
Piggott MichaelArchivistPrime ministers at the Australian National University: an archival guideAPMC FellowRobert Menzies, Ben Chifley2008-09
Daws KhylieHistorianRobert Menzies and Australian cultural diplomacyRobert Menzies2014-15
Kelly AndrewHistorianRobert Menzies and the trilateral relationship between Australia, America and New Zealand, 1951-56APMC Summer ScholarRobert Menzies2014-15
Hearn Mark HistorianAlfred Deakin's notion of participatory citizenshipAPMC FellowAlfred Deakin2014-15
Flanagan Jason Political scientistPrime Minister John Howard's use of the past in prime ministerial rhetoricAPMC FellowJohn Howard2013-14
Cahir Fred HistorianAlfred Deakin, John Curtin and Australian Indigenous CommunitiesAPMC FellowJohn Curtin, Alfred Deakin2014-15
Lake Marilyn HistorianAlfred Deakin's Identification with Republican ManhoodAPMC FellowAlfred Deakin2007-08
Carr AndrewPhilosopherDeakin and the evolution of the two party state, 1901-1910APMC Summer ScholarAlfred Deakin2007-08
Smith Evan HistorianThe 'Decade of Dissent' in Australian Parliamentary DiscoursesAPMC FellowGough Whitlam, Robert Menzies, Harold Holt2009-10
Roberts Priscilla HistorianPrime ministers, the Australian Institute of International Affairs and the Making of Twentieth Century Australian Foreign PolicyAPMC Fellow6 Prime Ministers Stanley Bruce, Robert Menzies, Gough Whitlam, Harold Holt, John Gorton, Malcolm Fraser2011-12
Weigold Auriol HistorianMenzies and Nehru: A long shadowAPMC FellowRobert Menzies2009-10
Byrne MoiraPolitical scientist and policy analystCatholic values ? Economic and education policies of Prime Minister Joseph LyonsAPMC FellowJoseph Lyons2012-13
de Vogel MiesjeHistorianPromoting savings and investment in wartime AustraliaAPMC Summer ScholarBen Chifley2012-13
Coatney CarynJournalism researcherJohn Curtin and prime ministerial journalism strategiesAPMC FellowJohn Curtin2010-11
Abjorensen Norman Journalist and political scientistThe Strange Political Death of Alfred DeakinAPMC FellowAlfred Deakin2009-10
Hedberg SarahArts/LawForeign policy and national interest – Prime Minister Howard and East Timor independenceAustralian National Internships ProgramJohn Howard2013-14
Persian Jayne HistorianCalwell, Chifley and Displaced Persons 1947-1949APMC FellowBen Chifley2012-13
Simons Margaret Journalist and authorMalcolm Fraser: The Political MemoirsAPMC FellowMalcolm Fraser2007-08
Megarrity LyndonHistorianWhitlam and Chifley: Regional dreamersAPMC FellowGough Whitlam, Ben Chifley2010-11
Mein-Smith Philippa HistorianJohn McEwen and the Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement in 1965APMC FellowJohn McEwen2008-09
Taflaga MarijaPolitical scientistThe influence of alternative prime ministers on major public debatesAPMC Summer ScholarJohn Howard, Tony Abbott2013-14
Weigold Auriol HistorianMore than charisma ? Bob Hawke and Rajiv GandhiAPMC Honorary FellowBob Hawke2014-15
Jones BenjaminHistorianThe Australian Republic under Keating and Howard in the 1990sAPMC Summer ScholarPaul Keating, John Howard2007-08
Phillips-Peddlesden BethanyHistorianParenting the nation: Prime ministers dual roles as parents and leadersAPMC Summer ScholarRobert Menzies, Bob Hawke, Julia Gillard2011-12
Williams EmmaMuseum studiesAustralian cabinet decisions 1972-1988APMC Summer Scholar5 Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard2007-08
Graves Matthew HistorianPrime ministers and memorial diplomacy in the late 20th CenturyAPMC FellowGough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke2011-12
Martin HannahLegal studiesGough Whitlam and the Australian ConstitutionAPMC Summer ScholarGough Whitlam2009-10
Betts GuyHistorianWhitlam Government urban policies and the lasting impact on the Western Sydney regionAPMC Summer ScholarGough Whitlam2011-12
Rankin BenjaminPolitical scientistDevelopmental social liberalism: Alfred Deakin and water resources politics in AustraliaAPMC Summer ScholarAlfred Deakin2010-11
Altern HannahHistorianPrime ministers and multiculturalismAPMC Summer ScholarGough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating2011-12
Edwards Peter HistorianPrime Minister Bob Hawke and the Hope Royal CommissionAPMC FellowBob Hawke2014-15
Denemark David Political ScientistGender effects of voter assessments of leaders: the impact of Australia's first female prime ministerAPMC FellowJulia Gillard2014-15
Baines CharlottePolitical scientistGod under Rudd: religion and state under the first two years of the Rudd GovernmentAPMC Summer ScholarKevin Rudd2009-2010
Rayner JenniferPolitical scientistLeaders and legitimacy: lessons from two Labor leadership transitionsAPMC Summer ScholarBob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard2012-13
Howell SarahCartoonist and community artistA graphic novel exploring the pressures of being prime minister, through the eyes of Dame Enid LyonsAPMC FellowJoseph Lyons, John Curtin, Harold Holt2013-14
Davey PaulAuthorThe Australian Country Party's three prime ministers: Earle Page, Arthur Fadden and John McEwenAPMC FellowEarle Page, Arthur Fadden, John McEwen2010-11
Wurth BobWriter and journalistMenzies, Fadden, Curtin and the Japanese envoyAPMC FellowJohn Curtin, Arthur Fadden, Robert Menzies2010-11
Welch MitchellWriterRelationships between prime ministers and opposition leadersAPMC Summer ScholarBen Chifley, Robert Menzies, Arthur Fadden2013-14