The National Archives holds records relating to all prime ministers.

These include:

  • Commonwealth records relating to the official duties of the prime minister or to the person in an official capacity before or after serving as prime minister. These comprise records created or received by bodies such as Cabinet, or government departments or agencies.
  • Personal collections relating to their official duties as prime minister or in other official capacities. These are records assembled or created by or for the person.

In many instances, the records are digitised and made available online once they are released to the public under the Archives Act 1983. Archives staff are available to assist you to access both original and digitised records.

The National Archives has prepared a number of publications that provide information about the life and times of Australia’s prime ministers and the archives collections that contain information about them. These research guides are available as hardcopy publications or as free downloads.

In addition, the National Archives’ Australia’s Prime Ministers website includes copies of significant records relating to each prime minister.


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