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Julia Gillard Delivers the PM's Lit Prize

In Awards & prizes·Monday, 8th November 2010Julia Gillard Delivers the PM’s Lit PrizeThe winners for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards have been announced:
Fiction Dog Boy by Eva Hornung
What the judges said: “Hornung challenges us to believe that an abandoned child in a decaying city in deep winter can sympathetically enter the small, embattled but protective society of a dog pack. The resonances of the novel are bleak and unsettling…”
Non-fiction The Colony: A History of Early Sydney by Grace Karskens
What the judges said: “The Colony deserved this year’s award for its high literary quality and originality. As a fine history, it is a story which also informs the present and gives us signposts for the future. ”
Young Adult Fiction Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God by Bill Condon
What the judges said: “The short, chiselled chapters ensure that not a word is wasted. Condon is a writer of considerable craft who eschews the flamboyant in search of deeper truths. The winner of the 2010 Young Adult Fiction Award is a work of tremendous honesty and integrity…”
Childrens Fiction Star Jumps by Lorraine Marwood
What the judges said: “This is a moving evocation of home and family bonds, and the rhythms of farm life, and explores the effect of drought on all of these things. Star Jumps speaks with a natural poetry and unfussy richness.”TopicsAwards & prizesShare✉Related posts20 Jul 2010NoteYoung adults and children in PM’s Prize  /  Awards & prizesBy George Dunford 17 Oct 2013NoteFriday High Five: Dinosaur erotica, Eleanor Catton and Lego Art  /  Awards & prizesBy Jo Case26 Jul 2011Video of the Premier’s 21 Announcement  /  Awards & prizesBy Jon Tjhia Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu announced the long shortlist for the 2011 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, which make up the first Premier’s 21. The premier noted the work of the judges, who had the unenviable task of whittling 308 entries down into the final 21. Congratulations to all 308 authors, and especially to the 21 shortlisted writers. (Click to watch video.) 18 Apr 2012NoteLosing to No One: The 2012 Pulitzer for Fiction  /  Awards & prizesBy Jo Case19 Oct 2011NoteJulian Barnes’ Happy Ending  /  Books, reading & writingBy Alex Landragin31 Jul 2014NoteWorking with Words: Maxine Beneba Clarke  /  CreativityBy Jo Case


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