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State Library Creative Fellows Announced

By Alex Landragin·Monday, 11th July 2011State Library Creative Fellows AnnouncedThe State Library of Victoria has announced the recipients of its creative fellowships for 2011.
Recipients of funded fellowships ($12,500 for three months' study) are: Nam Le for research for a novel about 20th century Vietnam
Jenny Grigg for an illustrated book on contemporary book design, Cover stories Joanna Drimatis for a book manuscript, Rediscovering hidden treasures: the music of Robert Hughes AM Stephen Banham for book manuscript with the working title, I’ll have what he’s having: finding the voice of Australian graphic design 1930-1970 Antoni Jach for an artist’s book, In ruins: Luxor and Thebes past and present Kevin Childs and Emily McCulloch Childs for a book manuscript that tells the scarcely-known stories of Aboriginal resistance leaders, Warriors on the frontier Linden Lyons for a book manuscript, Thomas Denton Clarke: his chess problems and the Melbourne Leader in the 19th and 20th centuries Lucy Fahey for an animation on Victoria’s past and present loiterers, A history of loitering. There are two honorary fellows: Margaret Bowman for a book manuscript, Cultured colonists: George Alexander Gilbert and his family Tony Moore for a documentary script, Marcus Clarke: an unnatural life All recipients, whether funded or honorary, are allocated space in a private study within the library that they can use at any time. They’re also all assigned a librarian with specialist knowledge of the collection they’re trying to access.Share✉


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11 July 2011