Home Hill Collection

The collection at Home Hill consists of the personal items of Sir Joseph and Dame Enid Lyons and the contents of their family home, comprising approximately 1000 catalogued items. The earliest items in the collection include family history artefacts dating from the 1890s. The collection spans the period from construction of the family home at Home Hill in 1916 through to the year of Dame Enid's death in 1981, as well as some posthumous commemorative materials and oral history documents.

The collection includes a diverse assortment of items from the political careers of Joe and Enid, including documents and correspondence, photographs and commemorative memorabilia. The family home is richly decorated with authentic furniture and furnishings, offering a unique and intimate insight into the lives of its inhabitants. The collection also includes oral histories recorded in interviews with Dame Enid and some of her children, helping to deepen and enrich the collection. In recent years, additional items of value have continued to be discovered and donated by family and friends.

Joseph Lyon's brown leather suitcases.

Joseph Lyons' suitcases. Photo: Home Hill/National Trust Tasmania


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